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How To Bypass Android Lock Screen 2018

Have you forgotten your android screen password lock pattern. Don’t worry, today I will teach you how to bypass Android lock screen.

How To Bypass Android Lock Screen 2018

bypass android lock screen

How To Bypass Android Lock screen

    • Open Emergency Dialer on your phone.
    • Keep writing numbers and characters in the field until it reaches its limit.
    • Next step involves copying that numbers or characters which you have written on Emergency Dialer and then Open your Camera app which can be opened without unlocking your phone.
  • Now drag the screen downward and it will ask you to enter a password. Now paste that characters in the password field and if then again start adding some more characters and digits there until it reaches its limit.
  • Now get back to camera again and keep pressing increasing/decreasing button on your phone on the same time while you are adding characters in the password field. This is all about to make the camera app crash.
  • Keep doing this until you see Home and Back options disappeared. Ones they are disappeared that means app is about to crash.
  • Now stop your action and in some seconds you will be taken to the menus option of your Android phone.
  • Android is unlocked now.

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