How To Create Android Apps Without Coding

Today, I am going to tell you that how to create android apps without coding. As we all know that Android is one of the most used mobile platform in the world. Android is just free and open source operating system so you can easily customize this operating system. If you have an experience or thought about android app’s but you don’t have any coding experience then this post is going to help you.You can also create android apps without any coding. In this post, you will know that how to create android apps without coding.

How To Create Android Apps Without Coding

create android apps without coding

As we all know that there are lots of websites available on the internet to create android apps without any coding but will tell you about the conventional ones only. Just follow the procedure to create your android app free and without any coding.

How To Create Android Apps Without Coding

Features :-

  • No Need Of Coding.
  • No Cost.
  • Earn money by your apps.
  • Modify apps at any time.
  • HTML 5 for extra Features.

These are the best sites for android application making without any coding: create android apps without coding

1 AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is a FREE service that converts your content into an App and makes your money. This app will also have all you need including messaging, social sharing, tabs and full support for HTML5. But forget about the app, Apps geyser helps you to build a business and profit from mobile!

2 App pie

Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based Mobile Apps Builder Software that allows users with no programming skills, to create Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones; and publish to Google Play & iTunes. With Appy Pie, there is no need to install or download anything, you can just drag & drop app pages to create your mobile app online. Once the App is published after this you will receive an HTML5 based hybrid app that works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

3 Buzztouch

Buzztouch is an open source app engine that powers tens of thousands of iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. Buzztouch is also used in conjunction with only the iOS and Android software developer kits. The BtCentral Control Panel is just an open source web-based software that is used to administer mobile apps created using Buzztouch.

4 App yet

By using this app you can create a professional Android app. There’s no programming knowledge required, only take a few minutes to build your first app. You need to provide links to RSS/Atom website or feed. They are automatically converted into stunning 100% pure native apps for Android. You just have freedom to list or sell the app on Google Play and many other Android Markets. create android apps without coding

5 Appclay

AppClay, conceived and created by core development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, is an esteemed intuitive interface that enables each one of us- become an App developer effortlessly without any coding, software installation, maintenance and financial investment. Anyone can use AppClay to create HTML5 and ANDROID native Apps supported by all widely popular devices.

10 The AppBuilder

The AppBuilder provides a suite of apps which suit the employees, clients, and brochures having two different approaches available. You can also build up your app by using the online toolkit provided or either the training provided. This will definitely work in creating the layout of your app and populate it with initial content. You can also provide the users with a window having multiple apps by using the dedicated App Library and customize it.

So, above post is on that how to create android apps without coding.

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