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How To Install Apps Onto Your SD Card

Method 1: Directly Move to SD Card from Phone

If you download some apps from Google Play and finish installation, you can go to the “Application Manager“. When you found the needed app, tap it open and hit the “Move to SD card” button. Then, the app will migrate from internal memory to external SD card.

Method 2: Migrate Apps to SD Card with Android Transfer

If you have loads of apps to migrate to SD card, the former method maybe not a good choice because it will take you a pretty long time to move a great many apps to SD card one by one. Therefore, we recommend Android Transfer which enables you to transfer all existed apps from phone to external card at a time.
Step 1 Download and Install Android Transfer

Click  below to download Android Transfer on your Mac or Windows. After installation, run the software.

Android transfer


Step 2 Connect Android Phone to Computer
  • Plug your Android device into the computer via USB cable. Once the handset is detected, a window will pop up as below. Allow USB debugging on your device according to the steps.
  • Then, the software will start connecting with the plug-in devices.You can check how the connection goes from the bar.
  • Once it’s successfully connected.
Step 3 Move Apps to SD Card
  • Click the Apps button at the left column to check the existed apps in your mobile phone. Tick the blocks next to the apps you want, and hit the “Move to SD Card” button at the middle-top of the interface. The selected apps will start exchanging from internal memory to external card.
  • Migrating apps from phone external memory to SD card can save the phone storage so as to accelerate your phone. Hurry to try the method metioned above to manage the apps stored in your phone.

So above post is on how to install apps on sd card or move apps on your sd card.

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