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How To Unblock CMD At School 2018

Most schools have blocked CMD because of security issues and learn How To Unblock CMD At School.and for a good reason. Once you have CMD access you can reformat the hard drive, do various diagnostics, add users into groups and much more. There are a couple of ways getting around this, once you enable CMD, what you do next is up to you. I am not to be held responsible for your actions, I am only here to inform with How To Unblock CMD At School 2018

How To Unblock CMD At School 2018

unblock cmd at school

How To Unblock CMD At School:Unblocking CMD At School 2018

Steps To Unblock CMD At School 2018

1. Open up Notepad/Wordpad


3. Save the file as CMD.EXE or alternatively, CMD.BAT (I’m fairly sure CMD.COM will work too, try all of them to be sure)

Method 2

Open My Documents (or any folder), and in the address bar type in C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe. This should launch CMD directly from the folder. Works best if it hasn’t been disabled just hidden.

Method 3

This is the method which works for me, my network has CMD blocked completely.

1. Click anywhere on your desktop. Right click -> New -> Shortcut.

2. Type in (or copy/paste) REG add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD

3. Run the shortcut and you’ll see a box with Y/N. Press Y. CMD should now be enabled.

4. Refer back to method 1 and CMD should be working now.

Another method:-

1. Open ‘Notepad’ (Windows Run “Notepad” or Open up your start menu -> Accessories-> Notepad) thats all I can think of for now but there’s probably more ways. . .
2. Write inside the notepad file exactly what you see here (paste this if you want).

@echo off

A batch file, .bat for short is a command type for command prompt. When saving your notepad file save it as start.bat onto your desktop so it’s easy to find. It should pop up in a second or two.

NOTICE: If your command prompt reads something like “Press any key to continue. . .” or “is not a recognize as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” then you’ve screwed up somewhere a long the way.

Ok so now go back into a new notepad file and type the following:

@echo off
goto admin
net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add

Now go back and erase the word username and replace it with your desired username and erase the word password with your desired password. For the second USERNAME word write the exact same username as above. What this does is that it creates a new account through command prompt and this new account is an administrator! Therefore you can either keep this account and use it to go into User Accounts and make your normal account into an administrator. Once you’ve done that then you can delete the newest account this command makes.

2. Save this as a batch file again like the command prompt file. I used Adminhack.bat and saved it to my desktop

3. Open up your file and the command prompt should pop up and it should run through some stuff and then should say command complete and your through! Type in:


then log off to the switch users screen.

So above post is on how to unblock cmd at school 2018.

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