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Internet Hacking Tricks 2018

Here i am representing the internet hacking tricks.I will show you the google chrome tricks, gmail tricks and much more cool internet tricks.There is a lot of stuff which is hidden in internet so let explore the secrets of internet with this internet hacking tricks 2018.

Internet Hacking Tricks 2018

internet hacking tricks

Many of us doesn’t know that there is hidden cool internet hacking tricks.There are many usefull tricks in internet which is hidden somewhere.Let explore the hidden tricks links which gives you cool and funny stuff.

Internet hacking Tricks

Download & Explore Cool Internet Tricks 2016 :-

A) Google Chrome Offline Game Trick

Mainly when our internet is disconnected in chrome and an error occurs that saying “This webpage is not available” or “you are offline“. Now here the secret trick comes in action. If you notice a T-rex icon is seen at the time of error. It’s not a simple icon. There is a secret game with it. So to activate this secret game:-

  1. First of all open Google chrome browser on your PC.
  2. Now disconnect your internet connection or turn on airplane mode if you are using windows 8.
  3. Now try to open any site so that you will get error “webpage is not available” with T-rex icon.
  4. Now to activate the game press space-bar from your keyboard, within seconds the T-rex icon starts and running and a hidden game will start, now keep pressing space-bar to play game.
  5. so that’s how we can play T-rex game in google chrome browser, give it a try and enjoy the game.Hope you like this trick.


B) How to read emails offline on Gmail

So now have offline access feature of Gmail when we will have to view gmail offline.Here is the steps to get offline access in gmail.

  1. First of all you need to install a application on Google chrome browser to access Gmail emails offline.
  2. Now download and install Gmail offline apps for google chrome browser and click on add to chrome as shown below
  3. Now a pop up will appear then just click on add button.
  4. Now  Gmail offline application is added to Google chrome apps.
  5. If you will have to go directly to chrome apps just type without quotes ” chrome://apps/ ” in address bar.
  6. Now click on icon of Gmail offline apps, a new tab will open and it ask you allow offline  Gmail.
  7. So enable Gmail offline feature click the radio button in front of allow offline mail as shown below and click on continue .
  8. Now  you can read your emails without internet connection.



1. Firstly Open notepad then type

@Echo off
Ipconfig /release

Save that as Fun.bat and send it to someone. They’re IP address will be lost, and therefore they won’t be able to fix it

However, this is VERY easy to fix. Simply type in IPconfig /renew


D) Way To Increase Internet Speed by 20-30%

  1. Click Start->Run->gpedit.msc (in windows 7) and ::click start and type gpedit.msc (in windows 8).
  2. This opens the registry policy editor.
  3.  Then goto ->Local Computer Policy ->Computer Configuration ->Administrator Template ->Network -> Qos Packet Scheduler -> Limit reservable Bandwidth
  4. Double click on Limit reservable Bandwidth It will say it is not configured, but the truth is under the Explain tab i.e. By default packet scheduler limits the  by 20 % of the bandwith of the connection but use the setting to override the default.

E) How To Change Your IP Address In Less Than 1 minute For Windows 7, 8

1. Firstly you will have to Click on ” Start ”
2. Then Click on ” All Programs ” and go to the ” Accessories ” menu inside them
3. In the Accessories menu, you have to Right Click on  Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator
4. After you CMD is opened then Type ipconfig /release and enter
5. Now Go and Click Start, Control Panel, and open Network and Sharing Center. click Network and Internet before you see the Network and Sharing Center icon
6. From the Tasks menu on the left, choose Manage Network Connections
7. Find and Right click on the active Local Area Connection and choose Properties (If you’re hit with a UAC prompt, choose Continue)
8. You will have to Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
9. Now Click on Use the following IP address
10. Enter a wrong IP like
11. Now Press Tab and the Subnet Mask section will populate with default numbers
12. Click on OK twice
13. Now you will have to Right click on the active Local Area Connection again and choose Properties
14. Then Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
15. Choose Obtain an IP address automatically
16. Click OK twice
17. Then Go to the What Is My IP to see if you have a new IP address.


F) How To Bypass Blocked Sites & Bypass Online Surveys

Method – Using Browser Extension

Note – This will work Only In Google Chrome

Bypass Online Surveys & Block Pop-ups Using Pop Up Blocker

  • Now After this procedure your extension will be added in you Browser.Then you will search your downloading page where your survey is placed on the page. through this extension support it will remove all the survey scripts and you can easily download your desired file.

Method – Using Survey Killer App

Survey Killer is the Tool which help you to remove all the scripts automatically , you will easily download your desired file.In this you just need to put the URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button of the tool . Your file will be downloaded shortly.
Note: It works only on sharecash link.
Through this you can easily access blocked websites by removing online surveys with the top hacking tricks .
  • Open Google Chrome Web Browser and you will have to add the extension-

So Stay Updates with this internet hacking tricks 2018.

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