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How To Make Internet Controlled Rc Car 2018

Today i will showing you that how to make internet controlled rc car. you can easily to make internet controlled rc car by this method.Rc car is also known as remote control car.It does not restrict its motion with an origin external to the device.This is often a internet controlled device. Rc vehicle have various scientific uses including working in the deep ocean and space exploration.Remote control Car is too much demand in markets.Rc refers to the act of drifting with a radio controlled car. Special R/C cars are equipped with low-traction tires to aid in the ease of inducing and maintaining controlled oversteer.This post will finally teach you that how to make Internet-controlled rc car.

How To Make Internet Controlled Rc Car

internet-controlled rc car

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The RC cars that we are going to be using in this post have three ‘basic’ types of steering control. I will refer to them as ‘toy’ cars to differentiate them from higher end ‘model’ cars which tend to come out of the box with servo control and microprocessor control. While the remote would come in handy, it isn’t really necessary, because we will be replacing both ends of the system.

The first kind of steering system is the simplest and the cheapest to manufacture. A command from the controller tells the front wheels to turn left or right and the wheels will continue to try and turn in the proper direction as long as they are receiving the command, even though the steering motor has hit the limit of the travel. This type of steering may have a series resistor to prevent the motor from burning out, or it may just rely on the limited current capacity of the battery. When the user centres the control, the motor is turned off and an extension spring returns the wheels to the centre position. This makes our control job really easy. We need four signals/commands; forward, reverse, left and right. The spring does the rest.

Rc internet-controlled car

The second type of steering circuit is a simple single pole, double throw switch; which is connected to the motor. The switch changes position when the motor reaches either the full left or full right position. There is no indication of ‘centre’, so this type of steering still relies on a spring for auto-centring.


The third and most complicated type of steering control tends to be seen in toys with rechargeable batteries, like NiCad as well. These types of batteries provide more power than alkaline ‘flash light’ batteries. For that reason a slightly more complex steering system is required. This type of system uses an “analog feedback” servo system. What it is is a standard DC motor connected to a potentiometer; so that when the motor turns so does the pot. The wiper of the pot provides a DC voltage that is proportional to the position of the motor.


The steering control circuit will receive three voltages that we are concerned about; full left, full right and centre. This type of servo requires a comparator circuit or a small microprocessor to detect the three positions. More on comparator circuits in future articles.

The colours represent the wires which come from the joystick. In this case it is a simple arcade style joystick, which uses four micro switches rather than potentiometers.

so above post is on how to make internet controlled rc car 2018.

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