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How To Make LED Cube 8x8x8 2018

Today i am represented that how to make LED cube 8x8x8. Through this post you can easy to make led cube 8x8x8.This led cube will light up any party. This led cube gives of a warm glow i.e pleasant to the eye and this led cube will entertain people of all ages. The main purpose of this project is to build an led cube 8x8x8 with the parts.All in all  i imazine this project should take a weekand to complete.The assembly of this cube little more complicated and i also decided to assemble the cube in layers like i did with the original cube.I hope you can easy to make led cube 8x8x8 by this method.This article will finally teach you that how to make LED cube 8x8x8.

How To Make LED Cube 8*8*8

LED Cube 8*8*8

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To make the LED cube Follow these steps:-

cube criteria
Let’s quickly establish the main criteria for my cube, so you can see where I’m coming from.

  • The LEDs will be of the 5mm RGB common anode variety.
  • The LEDs will be pitched one inch apart in the X, Y, Z planes.
  • The LEDs will be interconnected using 20swg tinned copper wire.
  • The LED leads will be formed into loops to provide more robust solder joints.
  • The construction will be as square and as straight as possible.
  • The cube will be made using eight 8×8 panels mounted vertically.
  • The eight panels will be soldered to a base PCB.

The reasoning behind my choices
I decided to use 5mm LEDs because 12mm LEDs look out of proportion on a one-inch pitch. Smaller LEDs would have looked OK, but I favor the 5mm variety. I think the one-inch pitch keeps the overall construction in proportion with the 5mm LEDs. Also, the final result will be quite sturdy.

LED Cube 8*8*8

My choice to use 20swg wire (instead of the 22swg I’ve seen used by others) was for better rigidity due to the additional wire diameter. Since the wire is twisted to improve its straightness its diameter is reduced slightly anyway. Working with straight wire eases construction and improves the cube’s overall aesthetics.

so above post is on how to make LED cube 8x8x8 2018.


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