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Top Best Cydia Apps And Tweaks For IOS 9

Today i m going to share the knowledge of top Best Cydia Apps 2016 and best cydia Tweaks for ios 9. As you all know this cydia app contains the top best cydia apps and tweaks 2016. After jailbreaking of iphone any ios this features helps you to access the admin feature of apple iphone.There will be a thousands of apps are unlocked which gives you an enjoyable experience.This cydia apps gives you better interface,Improvement changing and you will easily modify your iphone using this top best cydia apps & Tweaks 2016.Just read the post carefully and enjoy the tricks.

Best Cydia Apps And Tweaks 2016

top best cydia apps and tweaks
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These are the best iphone hacks which helps you in hacking various apps using this Top best cydia apps 2016 are below:-

Top Best Cydia Apps And Tweaks:Top Cydia Hacking Apps 2016

1. Andrios

Andrios is the best cydia app which is the combination of android and ios experience in a single package.This tweak contain notification bar,action bar,widgets,and much more things which are infused in a single app.

2. Activator

Activator helps you to make a shortcut gestures on homescreens,lockscreens etc.Through these gestures you can easily access any app ,settings, in a single gesture.You can easily set your gesture according to different apps.

3. WhatsAppLSTime

This tweak helps you to disable the online faclility and also disable the last seen in whatsapp.You can easily turn off/on  the facility in this app.The typing indicator will be disable in this tweak.You can easily manage this on/off facilities in this cydia tweak app.

4. Speed Intensifier

This app helps to speed up or boost your iphone animation or system speed.It basically increases the speed of iphone which helps to maintain the iphone speed.You can easily increase your speed to x2,x4,x5,x8,x9 & infinity which improves your processing speed.

5. Bigify

This tweak helps you to increase or decrease the size of your iphone icons.You can easily manage your icons to large or in small mode.Dock size also be decrease or increase in this.You can also set borders in the outerlayer of icons and also blur them.

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So above is all about the Top Best Cydia Apps 2016 and top best cydia Tweaks 2016 Which gives you the iphone hacks & you will easily customizes your apple iphone and you will access the admin feature which helps in to unlock the hidden features of apple.

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